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Georgia's Native American Sites

The Chieftains Trail encompasses six sites that preserve Native American history in Northwest Georgia, home to both Cherokee and Creek. There are many other places to explore Native American history, culture and society in our home.

Woodland Indians

Rock Eagle - Putnam County
This unique Woodland Indian site, coupled with Rock Hawk 13 miles to the east, comprise the only known examples of this type of effigy mound for hundreds of miles.

Mississippian Culture

Mississippians flourished in Georgia. Among the sites that are open to tourists are:

  • Kolomoki Mounds - Blakely
    Transitional in nature, it appears that Kolomoki may have been inhabited by both Hopewell era Moundbuilders as well as the later Mississippians
  • Ocmulgee Mounds - Macon
    Early power center of the Mississippian Culture, the Ocmulgee Mounds entered a steep decline about the time the Etowah civilization began to flourish. A later culture, known as Lamar, built mounds nearby, site of the only known spiral mound. (Lamar is only opened twice a year)
  • Sautee Indian Mound - Sautee
    Famous and highly romanticized mound in Northeast Georgia

Creek Indians

Loose-knit Confederacy of tribes that inhabited Georgia at the earliest point of European contact, and continued until their removal in the 1820's and 1830's.

  • McIntosh Reserve - Carroll County (near Whitesburg)
    Given to William McIntosh, a mixed-blood Creek Chief who signed away all remaining Creek land in north Georgia in 1825. He would die at the hands of his fellow Creek Indians for betraying them.

Cherokee Indians

  • Ross House - Rossville
    Home of the first leader of the Cherokee Nation, this dog-trot style home is open occassionally
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