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Weather in Northwest Georgia

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Mean Avg. Precip. Record High Record Low
Jan 47F 27F 38F 5.30 inches 79F (1949) -10F (1985)
Feb 52F 30F 42F 4.90 inches 79F (1989) 0F (1966)
Mar 62F 38F 51F 6.20 inches 87F (1982) 7F (1993)
Apr 72F 46F 59F 4.40 inches 91F (1986) 25F (1987)
May 79F 54F 67F 4.60 inches 95F (1962) 33F (1971)
Jun 86F 62F 75F 4.20 inches 103F (1988) 42F (1984)
Jul 88F 67F 78F 5.40 inches 103F (1952) 52F (1967)
Aug 88F 66F 77F 4.10 inches 103F (1983) 51F (1968)
Sep 82F 60F 72F 5.00 inches 102F (1954) 32F (1967)
Oct 72F 46F 60F 3.60 inches 94F (1954) 23F (1952)
Nov 62F 39F 51F 4.50 inches 86F (1961) 12F (1955)
Dec 52F 31F 42F 5.10 inches 78F (1956) -4F (1983)



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