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Etowah Indian Mounds

Effigies found in the Etowah MoundsLOCATION: Cartersville, GA

Today's Etowah River was home to a vast village of Moundbuilders. Largest of the mounds constructed by these prehistoric Native Americans rises 63 feet above the fertile flood plain. It was the ceremonial center of these Indians who had surprisingly advanced technology and agricultural techniques.

This great culture spread from the Mississippi Valley in present-day Louisiana north to the Ohio River Valley, then deep into interior of the United States. At one time Moundbuilders controlled land from New Mexico to the Atlantic Coast, from the Gulf of Mexico to Minnesota.

In the 1950's the property was given to the state of Georgia by James Tumlin, who became the park's first superintendent. Today the park represents one of the best known and most important sites of Moundbuilders in the nation.

Highlight:Climb the largest of the mounds then turn around at the top of the steps and view the ceremonial grounds as an ancient chieftain might have.

Time: Allow two hours for your visit.


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