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New Echota

LOCATION: Calhoun, GA.

Cherokee Phoenix, first Native American newspaperFor 15 years the hopes of the Cherokee Nation were pinned on the existence of their first national capital, New Echota. Within the limits of the city are a Supreme Court, bi-cameral legislative building and the homes of Elias Boudinot and Samuel Worcester.For the Cherokee removal in 1838, Fort Wool stood on this site.

New Echota is built on the original plan for the site, excavated in the 1950's.

Your tour of New Echota begins with a solemn reminder of the tragic Trail of Tears, a monument to the members of the Cherokee Nation forced to make the trip against their will. Inside the visitors center is a museum with many informative exhibits on the plight of the Cherokee and their response to the encroachment of Georgians.

Touring the town requires a 1.8 mile walk on level ground; there is an additional interpreted hiking trail that takes you through some of the more remote areas near the town.

Highlight: The reconstructed offices of the Cherokee Phoenix, first Native American newspaper.

Time: Allow two and a half to three hours for your visit.

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